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Diploma Degree


Diploma in Educational Qualification

Diploma in Educational Qualification

The Educational Qualification Diploma consists of (35) credit hours, and the course “0101 Learn How to Learn,” which has three credit hours, is a remedial course for those who have not previously studied it. Holders of a bachelor’s degree in all academic disciplines are accepted for the diploma, and priority in admission is given to those working in the field of education.

  • Schools: As a psychological counselor or an "educational" school counselor in public, private and UNRWA schools.
  • Kindergartens: As a psychological, educational and rehabilitation counselor in public, private and UNRWA kindergartens.
  • Civil society institutions: As a Counselor at civil society institutions, societies, private psychological centers and clinics, and psychological counseling and therapy centers that provide psychological, counseling and social services, Such as orphan centers, disability institutions, and elderly care centers.
  • Hospitals and health centers: The graduate can work as a psychologist and counselor in hospitals, clinics and health centers of the Ministry of Health that provide health and psychological care services.
  • Counselling centers and institutions: As a Counselor, providing consultations related to psychological counseling and mental and behavioral health services to people working in specialized centers.

Students who successfully completed high school is admitted into the program, according to the admission and registration system at the University.

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