Business Administration

Overview The specialization aims at providing students with knowledge and theories, and link it with the work environment through analyzing case studies and exploring simulation models to acquaint the students with knowledge related to planning, organization, orientation, supervision, follow up, assessment, finance, production, marketing, and management. General Aim of the Program The specialization aims at […]

Arabic Language and Literature

Overview Arabic language has been among the main constituent of the nation’s identity and unity, the language of the Quran and religion, with an international momentum that placed it among the six working languages of the United Nations; consequently, al-Quds Open University was keen to establish the Department of Arabic Language and Literature, which grants […]

Teaching Islamic Education

Overview Stemming from the University’s belief in the important role of Islamic education in the life of individuals, the University developed a B.A. in Teaching Islamic Education to disseminate knowledge in Islam. The University considered the latest international standards of quality while implementing the academic and administrative aspects of the major to produce highly qualified […]